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Buy injection nozzles DLLA140P826/0 433 171 564 bosch diesel injectors nozzles

Buy injection nozzles DLLA140P826/0 433 171 564 bosch diesel injectors nozzles
Buy injection nozzles DLLA140P826/0 433 171 564 bosch diesel injectors nozzles
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2F What is function of diesel fuel injection nozzle common rail injector repair kits system?
The main purpose of the fuel injection system is to deliver fuel into the cylinders of an engine.
In order for the engine to effectively make use of this fuel:
Fuel must be injected at the proper time, that is, the injection timing must be controlled and
The correct amount of fuel must be delivered to meet power requirement, that is, injection metering must be controlled.
However, it is still not enough to deliver an accurately metered amount of fuel at the proper time to achieve good combustion.
Additional aspects are critical to ensure proper fuel injection system performance including:
Fuel atomization—ensuring that fuel atomizes into very small fuel particles is a primary design objective for diesel fuel injection systems.
Small droplets ensure that all the fuel has a chance to vaporize and participate in the combustion process.
Any remaining liquid droplets burn very poorly or are exhausted out of the engine. While modern fuel injection systems are able to produce
fuel atomization characteristics far exceeding what is needed to ensure complete fuel evaporation during most of the injection process,
some injection system designs may have poor atomization during some brief but critical periods of the injection phase. The end of the injection process is one such critical period.
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